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Compassion Field C.I.C. Statement

Compassion Field CIC limited by guarantee prioritises social responsibility by functioning as a right livelihood project that is dedicated to promoting the practice of mindfulness and compassion in health, education and society. Committed to doing what matters and to discovery of purpose in all circumstances, we pledge to use our business where possible to promote awareness of campaigns for issues of importance including human rights and environmental issues.

Our approach is dynamic and constantly evolving. Offering an integration of creative, scientific and contemplative disciplines we aim to promote health, self-discovery, growth and acceptance. Addressing whole systems our vision seeks to facilitate professional consultation, assessment of health needs of individuals, groups and organizations to provide appropriate intervention, mentoring, training, supervision and consultancy.

In healthcare, Compassion Field is dedicated to a natural and contemplative model whose first priority is to do no harm. Our approach supports the empowerment of individuals to accept responsibility for personal health and well-being through participation in education and supporting behavioural change. Integrating traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), natural healing methods, contemplative and creative approaches to existing western health care choices, we prioritise a whole systems approach toward health promoting lifestyle changes. We offer individual consultation and intervention in health psychology and health assessment using traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and natural nutrition. We offer teachings on meditation for health and well –being to individuals, groups as well as residential training for health professionals.

In education
:- Teaching mindfulness practise we aim to support the development of awareness of mental and physical health and well-being in local education services and reducing the impact of stigma. We prioritise promoting inclusion for disadvantaged groups including those with learning difficulties and those who have been impacted by abuses of human rights.

In business:-
Teaching mindfulness practise in the workplace, in workshops and in residential retreat settings we aim to create positive partnerships with customers in community, corporate and public services. We offer professional guidance and coaching in services which promote health and well-being in the workplace toward management of the impact of change in organisations.

In society
:- Teaching mindfulness practise in community settings through delivering of workshops, groups, seminars and residential training we aim to promote responsibility for health and well- being, ethical livelihood and conflict resolution. We aspire to use our business to support voluntary community schemes ranging from skills sharing and supportive work to regeneration projects. This includes supporting fundraising for local projects or campaigns which benefit the community. We commit to use our business to support individuals in being who they are and to challenge all health and social stigma where we meet it. Embracing community-building projects across all social barriers and diversity, we aspire to support disadvantaged groups including those who have been made redundant, unemployed by association with addiction or correctional systems or who have been impacted by abuses of human rights.

Our commitment to social responsibility

As a community interest company, we prioritise people over profit. We hold to three commitments:

  1. Pledging fairness in pricing and trading standards. Compassion Field aim to offer fair prices for services, and pledge that any products developed will support the local and global community to the best of our ability by upholding ethical and fair trading standards.
  2. Pledging willingness to adapt when appropriate to meet the needs of our customers. Committed to transparency and fairness, we hold to a customer service policy that encourages both positive and negative feedback toward responsible trading and to regular audit of services offered. We encourage open discussion toward the development of our policies, programmes, practices and procedures.
  3. Pledging inclusion.We practice inclusion and equal opportunity for all people by providing adequate provision of access for people living with disabilities.

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