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 Compassion Field Mindfulness Chester Goals

“I sit on a man’s back choking him….. making him carry me and yet assure myself and others
that I am very sorry for him and  wish to ease his lot by all possible means……
except by getting off his back.”    – Leo Tolstoy

  • We value good health as the highest priority beyond market value. We aim to offer a safe individual space to be heard and to explore choices that integrate eastern and western systems toward best fit in any given circumstance.
  • We are dedicated to a spirit of change in society providing services that promote compassion in all stages of living and dying. We aim to provide a framework to discover what compassionate care means.
  • We aim to support the empowerment of individuals, families, groups and communities through providing education & services that promote awareness of natural health, balance and resiliency.
  • Without a healthy workforce we cannot have healthy systems. Therefore we aim to support a healthy workforce through provision of training and services for professionals and companies to work together toward and within a field of compassion.

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