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At Compassion Field we aim to meet people not problems!


 ‘May you have the commitment to heal what has hurt you…

To allow it to come close to you

And in the end become one with you.’

   Gaelic Blessing

Psychotherapy is a relationship that builds on valuing and respecting the potential of each individual toward finding a sense of purpose beyond human suffering. Success in therapy depends on many factors including motivation for change and the quality of the therapeutic relationship toward a process of discovery.

Holding a holistic view with an understanding that mental health symptoms can arise from imbalances in physiology, biochemistry, nutritional imbalance or spiritual hunger the approach that Frances Collins uses incorporates, where appropriate, education in natural approaches to healing that support the body’s own ability to bring about balance and health and to make engagement in the process of psychotherapy and change possible. Leading in one of the fastest growing fields in psychotherapy, Frances  combines principles and practices from cognitive and behaviour therapy (CBT) with mindfulness and compassion practices that are influenced by Buddhist psychology. Frances also incorporates expressive arts, where appropriate, allowing the choice of expression through creativity.

Throughout a career in psychotherapy that has spanned eighteen years across primary care, third sector, and Clinical Health Psychology, Frances has held a special interest in the impact of trauma and shame in particular in relation to women’s health and parenting. She has practiced at NHS Consultant level in Clinical Health Psychology since 2006 specialising in long-term conditions including chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and chronic pain to lead in psycho-oncology. Committed to supporting a space that allows opening into a deeper investigation into symptoms that impact the whole of a person’s living and dying, she is dedicated to supporting people who have been impacted by a life threatening illness such as cancer at all stages of the journey from diagnosis to fear of relapse or preparation for dying.

Psychotherapy aims to:-

  • Bear witness to human suffering and in so doing make healing possible
  • Offer an opportunity to listen deeply to the body
  • Help identify self-defeating cognitive, emotional and behavioural habits with a view to clarifying a path to freedom
  • Offer a wider lense of understanding on the re-patterning of cognitive, behavioural and emotional habits in and everyday life
  • improve ability to express ourselves skilfully and confidently through relationships
  • facilitate re-connection to our own deeper wisdom


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