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How To Get Involved

Compassion Field Goals
Be The Change you want to see in the world!  – 
Mahatma Ghandi

At Compassion Field we are dedicated to building a network that contributes to a thriving and compassionate field of services that are accessible to all. We hope to support this aspiration through supporting volunteering, mentoring or collaborating in being the change!

Membership is one way of getting involved. We aim to build on an already existing network of associates, both individuals and organisations. If we can support an initiative or good idea that benefits the community we will! Our commitment to flexibility and generosity are built into our CIC Statement.

Community /individual  membership

Membership as an individual is a way of supporting our work and offers you an opportunity to become involved through:-

  • discussion on our social network forums
  • access and contribute to our free quarterly community newsletter
  • attend one event appropriate to your needs free! This might be a seminar, public talk or a meditation or Reiki practice event
  • access to free educational resources and audio recordings

We invite a voluntary contribution. Our suggested minimum donation is £4.00 per calendar month.

Professional membership

Professional Membership offers access to all the benefits of community membership plus:-

  • sliding scale rates in professional supervision
  • attendance at one day professional training per year


Small Company Membership offers support to your commitment to a well workforce and includes:-

  • the benefits of Community Membership
  • our commitment to design and deliver one ‘Well Workforce Day’ per year of membership that will be designed bespoke to the context that you work within to up to 25 employees.

The cost of membership to a small company is just £75 per calendar month.


In addition to the Small Company Membership includes:-

  • one free 2 and a half hour seminar per year of membership on any aspect of health and well-being that you choose within our scope of training and expertise.

To enquire about the cost of Corporate Membership for an organisation please contact us directly.


2 thoughts on “How To Get Involved

  1. Fernando Lopes

    I have completed the MBSR course. It was a very profound and insightful experience which has increased my understanding and skills of mindfulness practice immensely. Frances was a fantastic teacher and a great role model for honesty, kindness and compassion.

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