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Meditatin’ Mammas – Our Story

Meditatin' Mammas
Dedicated to a world where children naturally thrive!

The story of Meditatin’ Mammas

The seed for Meditatin’ Mammas was planted 4 years ago and nourished by supportive friendships. Learning to meditate is still the best gift I have ever given my children! Commitment to meditation practice has grown from being a way of dealing with difficulty to a way of life that benefits many. It was no surprise to me that I should wake one morning with the idea that I should teach parents to meditate. Throughout my professional career as a nurse, midwife, nutritional therapist and psychotherapist, I have been aware of major gaps in services and the need to promote pregnancy and childbirth as a natural process owned by the parents and supported by community.

Birth and death are the two greatest and most natural events in our lives – no one escapes this reality. Yet they have been so far removed from community and from nature by our reliance on medical institutions. We have witnessed directly tired, hard-working obstetricians and midwives trying their best to manage under very difficult circumstances and the impact on mothers and family. That the birth experience has a hugely profound effect on the mother and baby raises the need to re-evaluate how a mother and baby are treated during this time. The imprints of the birthing experience have far-reaching effects in terms of human rights as well as developmental areas such as psychology, neurology, sociology and psychiatry. How birth is managed for both parents and baby impacts our whole life.

Aware of the impact of isolation that women suffer in relation to pregnancy and childbirth led to the aspiration to offer both individual confidential individual space as well as group and community programmes that build on a culture of kinship and support. By recognizing and addressing anxieties and problems that have arisen from mental suffering or other existing medical conditions that impact pregnancy and parenting, Meditatin’ Mammas arises as a dedication to the timely integration of holistic preparation for parenting. Many good ideas around this topic were explored with friends and associates. Weaving threads together from our professional studies and trainings informs our truly integrative health view to promote education on healthy diet, lifestyle and balance incorporates mindfulness and compassion meditation practices as a way to support preparation and prevention of relapse of depression….  yet it still felt like something was missing.  I couldn’t quite work out what it was…..until Anna announced that she was pregnant! Now it made sense!  Like everything else we do we learned from the inside out before offering it to others. We explored what meditation practices and what integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupuncture would be helpful at different stages of pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal period after for mother, baby and also for the father who so often gets left out. The result is a legacy of love!

Meditatin’ Mammas has had an energy of its own that we have trusted and followed as it has evolved organically into this unique non-stigmatizing and empowering programme. Dedicated to collaborating with existing healthcare systems, Meditatin’ Mammas educates and integrates physiology, philosophy, nutrition, midwifery training, eastern and western psychologies with traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture specific to fertility and obstetrics. The container in which all this is held is informed by prioritizing core family values as well as mindfulness and compassion practice. It encourages deep listening to individual needs toward informed choice.

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Frances Collins


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