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Mindful Transition Training

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                ” I am out with lanterns, looking for myself.”  Emily Dickinson

Mindful Transition (MTT) is the original work of Frances Collins that is dedicated to the identification of values and personal strengths toward positive change in individuals and groups. The idea was fed by years of personal experience of meeting challenges in all areas of life in a way that has opened to an evolutionary process of re-creating the life that is needed. MTT is informed by many years of training in integrative psychological approaches that range from cognitive and behavioural approaches (CBT) and coaching to creative approaches including person-centred expressive arts. A visionary programme that is dedicated to personal growth and the creative expression of individual uniqueness, it draws in particular from mindfulness coaching, contextual approaches such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and the work of many visionaries including the successful work of William Bridges, ‘Transitions’ in the 1980’s.

Focused on intention, we believe that solutions we seek are already within our reach and may be seen to arise through deep listening and acceptance. MTT can help to explore valuable life-affirming choices at those natural crossroads in life such as leaving secondary education and preparing for a career pathway, redundancy, returning to work after illness, relationship endings, menopause or retirement to name a few. As a personal development growth model there is no need to identify a problem. MTT offers skilful facilitation of a process that is informed by mindfulness practice and contemplation to explore that space of uncertainty where the human potential we hunger for may unfold naturally. Mindful Transition Training is available to individuals as well as in the form of a bespoke workshop for groups or organisations.

Mindful Transition Training can help you to:-

  • be more tuned in to what is true for you
  • identify a path that is right for you
  • manage the stress and anxiety of life and workplace transitions better
  • increase ability to focus on what is really important
  • foster self-compassion
  • be more creative and confident




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