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Mindfulness and Compassion Skills for Resiliency (MCSR) Training for Health Professionals


What do you think it would it be like to find a new way to participate in a training that nurtured you, supported you, helped you build resiliency and skill, supported you learning at your own pace, listened to you, collaborated with your vision and inspired you with a new sense of what the practice of healthcare could be? How would it impact your working life to be fully supported in bringing your insights into the Field of Healthcare as a Doctor, Nurse, Therapist, Psychologist, Trainee or other professional in the Field of Integrative Healthcare?

The provision of this flexible and experiential training in mindfulness and compassion skills has been informed by personal meditation and from listening deeply to many health professionals.

There is an ever -growing interest in how training in mindfulness and compassion skills might support building resiliency and finding the appropriate response in difficult and distressing circumstances experienced day to day. This training seeks to offer a frame within which we can explore what compassion actually means in action. The shape of this training is an organic, open, flexible, spiralling model of growth that promotes collaboration with participants toward positive change in healthcare. At Compassion Field we want to focus on building skill and resiliency and to continue to shape the training according to how participants inform us on what is helpful and what they need. MCST training will promote ways to take care of ourselves at the same time as taking care of others. We hope that willingness and enthusiasm will naturally grow in the direction of understanding how to take care of our lives through opportunities for continuing practice, personal and professional development, and collaboration across a growing field of compassion. Training is currently being updated to enhance flexible choices to build at your own pace.  To find out about our next training event please check out  our events page or get in touch.





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