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Compassion Field Personal Values System (PVS)

At Compassion Field we aim to build a resource that is free or affordable according to personal circumstances. All meditation practices here at Compassion Field are offered from a space of sharing and generosity. You are welcome to download, use and share freely. We also appreciate those who are able to use our Personal Value System (PVS) to make this possible by offering whatever donation you feel is appropriate bringing awareness to your own personal value system. All your feedback is helpful so please, do speak your mind!

Mindful Movement Sequence 1 – MP3

Mindful Movement Sequence 2 – MP3

Sitting Meditation – MP3

Mindfulness Body Scan 2013 – MP3

Mindful Breathing (20 mins) – MP3

3 minute breathing space MBCT


Videos to Support Mindfulness Training Programmes:-



Bill Moyer’s famous documentary Healing and the mind, featuring the MBSR programme:


5 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Catherine Fitzpatrick

    The MBSR programme is still a part of my life since I was lucky enough to train with Frances earlier this year. Frances inspires you to meditate along with her as she goes through each practice, this helps you to stay in the moment and stay focused.

  2. Tracy

    I have accessed the course and found it a beneficial experience – an increase in my own understanding and ability to work towards regular practice of mindfulness has been a valued and welcome change for me. My journey towards practicing mindfulness effectively is ongoing. Frances is a wonderful guide on this journey, and a brilliant advocate of practicing what she teaches. Thank you for your congruence and kindness 😀

  3. Fernando Lopes

    I have completed the MBSR course. It was a very profound and insightful experience which has increased my understanding and skills of mindfulness practice immensely. Frances was a fantastic teacher and a great role model for honesty, kindness and compassion.

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