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There exist no miraculous methods in the world, only plain ones, but the perfection of the plain is miraculous.” —- Fei Bo-Xiong

Western society is increasingly attentive to ancient eastern wisdom traditions. At Compassion Field we see Mindfulness teachings and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as a natural fit, bringing forth 4000 years of ancient wisdom. Originating in Taoist philosophy, the way of TCM is naturally whole, patient and respectful of all life. Both traditions that offer teachings on Mindfulness and TCM meet within a unifying philosophy that sees disease as inseparable from the life that created it; both espouse to the reality of interconnectedness and that change is the only constant. Attending to the whole of life, physical and mental suffering manifesting in the form of human symptoms are viewed with a confidence in life to support life and therefore the ability to heal. Death is not viewed as failure but as a part of life itself. Teachings on the Tao inform us that illness and suffering are a part of living that no human life escapes. All life is made up of energy. It is a lifetime’s work to maintain balance, harmony and flow. Yin and yang are convenient labels to describe opposing aspects of the same phenomena. Five elements are similarly labels in order to categorise and describe everything in nature as well as structure and function within human systems. With an emphasis on wellness and prevention TCM holds the objective to integrate treatments such as:-

Great acclaim in the treatment of pain and mood disorders has resulted in acupuncture being approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for the treatment of over 70 conditions. WHO (2003) published a report Acupuncture: Review and Analysis of Reports on Clinical Trials

which states acupuncture has advantage over western drugs in that it is non-toxic; acupuncture is comparable to morphine preparations in its effectiveness against chronic pain without the adverse effects of morphine such as dependency.
TCM sees the healthiest quality of energy as strength and flexibility that prepares us to withstand the storm without being disabled by it and therefore reaches far beyond just issues of physical ill-health. At Compassion Field we support the cultivation of awareness of such common signs of imbalance as fatigue, aches, chills, cravings or loss of concentration within a wider understanding so that individuals can be empowered to participate in their own healthcare and prevent further development of health problems.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has endured because people report that it helps:-

  • Ÿ  promote awareness of bodily functions
  • Ÿ  increase mental clarity and balance
  • Ÿ  enhance energy levels
  • Ÿ  balance mood and tolerance levels
  • Ÿ  relieve and manage pain
  • Ÿ  produce calm and relaxation

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